Sasha Vasilyuk

Sasha Vasilyuk

Writing makes me forget to eat.

Sasha Vasilyuk is an award-winning Russian-American writer who has been published in Harper's Bazaar, LA Times, Huffington Post, USA Today, Newsweek, San Francisco Chronicle and others.

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Harper's Bazaar

Why It's Worth Visiting The Baltic Coast–In the Dead of Winter

Poland isn't exactly a beach destination. Least of all, in the winter.

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The Huffington Post

On Europe's Edge Bison Roam Free | The Huffington Post

In the middle of a forest, where European Union ends and Belarus begins, there is a village called Bialowieza.

Harpersbazaar article
Harper's Bazaar

Why I Decided to Elope for My Wedding - What Eloping Is Really Like

For me, the most romantic way to get married was to elope.

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Harper's Bazaar

Where to Go in 2017

Warsaw, Poland: This hidden gem is so dynamic, it's often referred to as the new Berlin.

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Opinion Ukrainian struggle shreds family: Column

My family and their city have been caught in a war they neither expected nor supported.

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The Huffington Post

Don't Say 'Divorce' in the Wedding Industry

Divorcée is not a nice word. It's a word that tries to be as chic as a little black dress, but ends up more like a bunny suit on an aging cocktail waitress.

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Best Travel Writing

Stranger in Jerusalem

Solas Award Gold Winner for "Doing Good or the Kindness of Strangers"

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Two Riders | El Balazo Media

El Balazo Media: Two Riders, an excerpt from Sasha Vasilyuk's forthcoming memoir.

Special Events Magazine

Special Events Magazine

Six basic principles to
get publicity for your event business.

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Los Angeles Times

Uruguay: Coastal reveries, away from it all

Straddling the crest of a sand dune, my back to the Atlantic Ocean, I watched...

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In The Fray

A Stranger in Jerusalem | In The Fray

A Stranger in Jerusalem | In The Fray

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Los Angeles Times

Russia reimagines its culinary traditions

Since then, Moscow and St. Petersburg have become pricey, globalized megalopolises with sushi bars, hookah parlors and pizzerias that play to locals' thirst for all things foreign.

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East Bay Express

Badminton Is Not for Sissies | Feature

On a chilly Tuesday night, nothing but the sleepy hum of the highway disturbed the silence of an Emeryville street. But inside a giant warehouse behind the railroad tracks, it was another story. Dozen...

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Los Angeles Times

Moscow on the cheap

Yet behind this facade live most of Moscow's 10.5 million inhabitants -- the IKEA-shopping, subway-traveling middle-class residents who like indie theaters and smoky, underground cafes.
As a proud me...